I am always amazed at some of the fun and creative things that fans create.  Below is a sampling videos that have either been sent directly to me, or that I've found playing around on youtube.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The Savage Grace Book Trailer.

I am super impressed with the effort to use actors selected by fans in the Dark Divne Fantasy Casting that was held on the blog.  Love the tone of this video too.

The Dark Divine Book Trailer (1)

This was the first fan-made trailer I saw, just before the book was released.  Love this song.  Love the way they used it too.

The Dark Divine Book Trailer (2)

This fan did an awsome job of blending several movies together, to make it almost look like a real movie trailer.  Love it.

The Dark Divine Book Trailer (3)

This video was made by the most awsome high school book club ever (The Literati).  Their teacher was part of my street team and the group did this as one of their projects.  Makes me smile everytime I see it.

The Dark Divine Book Trailer (3)

This one wins the prize for the most creative use of sound bites from several different sources.  Sometimes it reminds me of watching old dubbed Godzilla movies... but in a good way :P.

Dark Divine Fantasy Cast

This fan made their own fantasy cast.  I like that she really tried to get the look of the characters.