You might find the answers you are looking for below in the questions I am often asked.  Don't see the answer you were looking for?  No problem.  Just click the contact menu to send me or my website guru a direct message. Of course, while I'm more than happy to answer questions I get from readers, writers, and other inquisitive types, I need to have time to write books, too.  So please don't be mad if I'm not able to reply.


Will there be a 4th Dark Divine book?

At this time I have no plans on writing another Dark Divine book, but I have learned never to say never.  I have toyed with the idea of returning to Grace and Daniel's world or writing a spin-off, but for now, I am content with how the story has played out, and I hope readers will use their own imaginations to come up with how the rest of Grace's adventures continue.  I am also excited to be working on other projects.  In fact, I have a new series coming out Spring of 2014.


When does your next book come out in my country?

​​​Unfortunately I have no control or knowledge of when any of my books will be released or published in any country outside the US, as this is handled by the publisher for each individual country.  Hopefully, it will be soon!


Are you going to make your books into movies?

The option rights have been sold to 1019 Entertainment, but this is no guarantee that a movie will be made. Honestly, there is not much that I would love more than to see my stories on the big screen. Amazingly awesome doesn't even cover it. Unfortunately, I have little to no influence on whether or not this happens and must put my trust and hope in the producers at 1019.


Do you have any advice on writing?

Join a critique group if you haven’t already.  Read.  Read.  Read some more.  Then write.  Write.  And write some more—everyday if you can.  Most importantly, if writing is something you truly love, don’t let anything anyone says to you deter you from your goal.  You may not be ready to be published right now, but if you keep putting in the time and the hard work that it takes, eventually you will reach your goals.  Seriously, if I can do it . . . .  (For more writing tips or advice, I have compiled a list of suggestions here.)​


How can I get a signed book if I don't live near your next signing?

Good news!  My local indie bookstore, The King's English, can hook you up with a signed copy of any of my books.  You can even request to have it personalized.  Just say so in the comments when you checkout on their website.  To order signed copies, click here.


Do you have any advice on how to get an agent?

Once you feel like your manuscript is the best you can make it, a great resource for finding an agent is  This site has a search feature where you can put in the specifications for what you are looking for in an agent and it will return a list of all the agents that best fit your criteria with their background info, submission guidelines, and contact info. (Disclaimer: It is up to you to do your full research to make sure the agents you submit to are legit and a good fit for you and your manuscript.) The site also gives you some pointers on how to write a query letter.

​Good luck! 


Will you come speak at our event/school/book group?

Sure! . . . Well, maybe.  I love speaking to groups about writing and reading but it all depends on my schedule and the logistics.  Click the contact button in the menu above and send me the details of your event/school visit/book group meeting and we'll see if we can work things out.